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Company Profile

Al MAJID STONE L.L.C. was established in the early 2000’s as one of the fastest-growing marble companies in the United Arab Emirates. Our group’s partners and associations with foreign factory and quarry owners, for over 30 years, allow Al MAJID STONE to provide a competitive edge to all market demands. Since then the culmination of experience, exploration, technological innovation, progressive growth, and excellent services established AL MAJID STONE as an international brand and icon.

AL MAJID STONE’s mission is embodied in its total commitment to our client with product and service excellence in the distribution and fabrication of natural marble, exterior, and interior stone and granite. This means quality management and control system in all aspects of our services.

In addition, to give our clientele the utmost customer satisfaction, our source factories in Oman, Jordan, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, India, Turkey, China, and United Arab Emirates constantly upgrade and invest in state of the art equipment, thus utilizing solely Italian machinery. Our groups’ factories constantly increase production capacity with professional qualified teams and machines, thus surpassing international quality standards in management, services, final finishes, and superb products. All factories contain ISO 9001-2000 Certifications to exceed customer’s expectations.

AL MAJID STONE employees are highly experienced and constantly available for consultation and welcome questions about your specific needs and requirements.  In strictest sense, they follow the company’s


Our Company

AL MAJID STONE is a leading distributor of OMANI, JERUSALEM, ITALIAN, SPANISH, BRAZILIAN, INDIAN, CHINESE, and UAE covering materials that caters to the marble, granite, and stone demands of both the local and international markets.

 The activities of the company include distribution of marble, granite, exterior and interior stone in the form of slabs, tiles, and cut to size in a variety of dimensions to suit both consumer and commercial applications.

At AL MAJID STONE, we continually strive to provide the best products and very fine services on which we have built our reputation in the marble, stone, and other covering material industry. Our groups associations and partners with other global factories make us one of the world leaders in the design, innovation, research, quality, service, manufacture, equipment, sale, and marketing of all material, with an increasing presence in other covering materials.

 Over the last years, thanks to a succession of numerous links involving both Omani, Jerusalem, Italian, and other foreign companies, deals with local and international partners, and the opening of new offices, our group is one of the major multinational industrial groups in the world with numerous factory relationships containing more than 10,000 employees and total production capacities over millions in SQM per year.

ALMAJID STONE’s association with foreign companies allows us to provide the market with competitive prices for the most exceptional stones. We commit to deliver quality that exceeds your expectations by forming alliances with foreign companies that exploit the latest state of the art technology to excavate quarries and produce the world’s finest stones and covering material. We are proud to say we exceed the highest standards of today’s competitive global market.

Our main office is situated in City Bay Business Centre Building in Hor Al Anz, Second Floor, Suite 224, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  The Factory and stockyard is located in Sharjah Industrial 17, United Arab Emirates.